Friday, March 28, 2008

Omaha or Bust!

Well, I've made it to the end of the week. It is FINALLY Friday, and I couldn't be happier! I'm really at a loss of things to blog about today. And, I'm a bit apprehensive to write anything else since someone (read: George) told me my last two posts were dense (which I think is code for boring). So, instead of not blogging at all, I thought I would fill you in on my weekend plans. Because, after all, I have some GREAT weekend plans!
In just a few short hours, two of my girlfriends and I will be on the road to Omaha. We are going to a Women of Faith conference at the Qwest Center in Omaha. I am really excited because this is not only the first Women of Faith conference I've been to, but it is also the only large, corporate worship event I have ever attended. So, I am completely excited. I really have no idea what I have to look forward to, but I'm sure it is going to be good!!! And, Nicole C. Mullen will be there. She is my absolute favorite.
So, I will be MIA this weekend, but I generally don't post anything over the weekend anyway. I'll be back on Monday with all the details. Have a great weekend!


Josh & Sarah said...

I love what you write! Haven't been here for a couple of days, so had to catch up...Hope that you are having a great time at WOF...those conferences are wonderful!!!

Caroline said...

oooooooooooooooooo that sounds like so much fun!!!!!!!! HOW DID EVERYTHING GO!!!!!! TELL US EVERY DETAIL!!!!!!!