Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One of Those Days

So, I'm definitely having "one of those days." You know, one of those days when nothing seems to be working out the way that it is supposed to work out. Or, at least, the way I think it is supposed to work out. For example, I can't get it through my head that it is Tuesday. I continue to think that it is Monday. That's probably because my doctor knocked me with some high-powered sedative yesterday morning, due to one nasty migraine, and I slept through it--all the way through it. My mix up in the days wouldn't be such a problem if it weren't for pesky little things called deadlines and/or appointments. For example, since I thought it was Monday, I forgot that my ten-year old had a lunch meeting for one of his ELP activities today. So, I not only forgot to send him a cold lunch, but I also forgot to pack his binder with his presentation materials in it.
I also, due to my oblivion toward the outside world, did not realize that it had snowed. So, I stepped outside this morning onto my not shoveled front porch, wearing peep toe heels. All I have to say is very cold, very, very cold.
I also can't seem to concentrate on anything today. Instead, I just want to crawl into a ball and take a nap under my desk. Unfortunately, I think they might miss me. I've been drinking water like crazy to help me stay awake, but it's not helping. I'm still sleepy.
My sleepiness from the sedatives is compounded by the fact that I ate comfort food for lunch. You know, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and macaroni and cheese. It was fantastic, at first. You see, because I was sleeping yesterday, I didn't eat anything, and thought I was famished. But what I didn't realize is that I had a bad case of enlarged eye disease--where your eyes are bigger than your stomach. So, now I'm not only sleepy, but I also want to unbutton my skirt (Unfortunately, also not appropriate...).
And on top of this, it still feels like a Monday!!!! Today, I just can't win. Here's to a better Tuesday. Oh, I mean Wednesday!

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