Thursday, February 21, 2008


OK, I am so busted. 900 bright yellow flyers have a tendency to give away a surprise. You see, it's that time of year again. It's time for the Spring PTA pancake event. And, I'm the chair of that event. That means that I will be helping out with the pancakes. And, that also means that my most precious, wonderful significant other will be there helping, too. (Yes, honey, that is definitely me sucking up to you!)
At this point, you might be wondering why I am proclaiming that I am busted. Well, that's, um, how do they say it, complicated. It's complicated primarily because I was supposed to get us out of pancake duty this time. We have chaired the pancake event the last three times, and SB, "Sausage Boy," (A.K.A. George) is tired of serving greasy sausage and even more tired of cleaning up gallons of maple syrup. I try to remind him that we are doing it for the kids. I mean, after all, everyone knows that they are our future (Ooh, bad Whitney Houston reference...Sorry!). But more importantly, we do it for one extremely excited ten-year-old boy. And, that is what saved me from Sausage Boy's wrath last night when I asked him to go to Kinkos and make 900 flyers for the pancake breakfast. Well, that and the fact that he loves me. As Sally Field would say, He really, really loves me! In fact, he loves me enough that he made all 900 copies, and after only a little complaining, didn't say anything else about helping out with the pancake breakfast. So, I guess we're on. I did promise, however, that next year I wouldn't sign us up for the pancake dinner. But, I didn't promise that I wouldn't sign us up for something else. (Wink, wink!) Just kidding. After all, I do want to see my fifth grader graduate from elementary school!
So, bottom line: Today I'm thankful that Sausage Boy loves me. I don't know what his secret attack would be (Is it painfully obvious I only have boys around???), but I fear it might involve maple syrup. And, I wouldn't want to have to get that out of my hair!

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melissa said...

when is it? i hope i get invited!