Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day Fourteen

Well, it's day fourteen of the hostile takeover at our house. That's right, my mother has been here fourteen days...and counting. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my mother. I just don't love living with my mother. As she likes to say, she doesn't come to visit. She comes to take over. (You know, it's her way or the highway, yada, yada, yada...) And, ain't that the truth. In case you are wondering, even though the natives out number the evil dictator and her army (read: her mouth), we are steadily losing ground. Some of our troops are so worn down they have surrendered, and some have defected (due primarily to Granny bribery). So, its not looking good. Can we make it another week???
I am jesting, for the most part, about the battle raging at our house. But, it is so difficult to have houseguests for an extended period of time. At some point, you just want things to be back to normal. So you can go back to your bad habits...habits you must hide from guests. You know, like eating in front of the tv, or singing 80s music (loudly) in the shower (I mean who doesn't like Air Supply?), or gasp!, staying in bed past 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday....
I guess I need an extra shot of patience today. I do count it a blessing that my mother loves me enough to come visit me often. It's just difficult to see the big picture sometimes. Especially, when I'm looking with my own eyes. Anyway, it's actually quite amazing (thank you, Lord), that my mother and I have not gotten into a major fight since she has been here this visit. And, since today is Valentine's Day after all, maybe we can make it one more day. And one more after that...Who knows. With God, anything is possible.
So, Happy Valentine's Day! Go call your mother!

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melissa said...

hurry up and blog some more...i've been hanging for 5 days now!