Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Hello ladies!!! I hope you each had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was good. If you noticed the time stamp on my last post, you already saw that I stayed up way too late on Friday night. I really must be getting old. I just can't do midnight like I used to. But, Someone was looking out for my well being because the nearly 11 year old slept until 10 AM Saturday morning. And, of course, that meant that I, too, got to sleep in. Heavenly. Absolutely heavenly.

Our Saturday was filled with our usual Saturday routine. We ate brunch, and then we ran some errands. I had to sign W. up for some swimming lessons at the YMCA, and then we went to look for scanners. You will be happy to know that we did buy a scanner at Best Buy. I had no idea what I was looking for, but luckily for us, there was a HP rep at the Best Buy store, and she was very helpful. She walked us through the different HP scanners and answered all of our questions, and we ended up with this all in one thingy (yes, that's a technical term).

I was promised that it would do "everything" I need it to do. Of course, it will also do five hundred things I don't need it to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the wonderful HP rep. It really isn't difficult to talk us into things. We seem to live by the philosophy that the more buttons the better. But, bottom line, yes, the hairumentary is forthcoming....Just as soon as I learn to operate it.

Sunday morning we went to church. Our church has recently started a sports outreach program. To kick off some events, including an FCA youth camp, we had Ken Johnson, the chaplain for the Indianapolis Colts, give the message yesterday. He gave a really good message on how to keep the fire burning and how to persevere in the face of adversity. There were several things that he said that really resonated with me, and I'll post about them later. My Sunday afternoon was spent cooking dinner (we had chicken enchiladas, yum!) reading and doing Bible study. All in all it was a very relaxing weekend.

This week is going to be so busy. It's only Monday, and I'm already panicking that I'm not going to get everything done. I am very busy at work, and I will be out of town for two days taking depositions. I will get back late Wednesday night, and then I leave again Friday afternoon. Not that I'm complaining about leaving again Friday. Oh, no, not at all. Friday afternoon a group of us girls are piling in a car and driving to Minneapolis to see this fine lady speak.

I am so excited to see Beth Moore I can barely contain myself!!! And, to top it off, it's my friend Shana's birthday on Friday, and we get to celebrate it with her!!! I'm so exited!!

So, have any of ya'll seen Beth Moore in person before? If so, what did you think? I do have to tell you all that I have spent the better part of the morning thinking about ways I could "accidentally" end up back stage to meet her. Hee hee! Anyone got any ideas for me ;)

PS. If you haven't left a comment or emailed me about the message board (and you want to), please do. If you are on the fence about it, please consider signing up, even if it's just to post your prayer requests. I really, really, really do love praying for you, and that way I would know your prayer requests. Anyway, just a thought....Now get back to thinking about ways to sneak me backstage ;)


Meredith said...

Oh you did have a great weekend! I am so jealous that you will go see Beth Moore! You know what? I did get to see her a few years ago. it was just awesome! I will never forget God's presence. He spoke to my heart in a major way then! lots of good music too!

Kelly said...

I don't have any good ideas about seeing Beth but I'm so jealous you get to see her speak. You will LOVE it! I want a full report.
I'm going to sign up on the prayer board - just haven't had a chance yet. Hopefully tonight!

Leigh Ann said...

Sounds like one terrific weekend. 11:00, REALLY? Ah, that must have been so nice! I'm happy for you (but a little jealous too) that you get to see Beth Moore. I can't wait to hear all about it. Have a great time!

Nancy said...

I pray you have a wonderful weekend with your friend and listening to Beth speak. God has something very special for you no doubt!
In Him,

Josh & Sarah said...

Oh, you will have a wonderful weekend! It has been about 5 years since I saw Beth Moore is an experience I will never forget. Can't wait to read your posts after seeing her!

Kristen said...

I saw Beth two years ago in OKC, but my mom and I are heading to the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio in a little over a month. I can't wait!! Good luck on sneaking'll have to let us know how that one turns out!
Praying you week goes well and your travels are safe!

Heidi Zawisza said...

Oldie but a goodie.....just dress up as the janitor!

Julie said...

Please sign me up on the prayer board. You have my email address and you may have to walk me through it via email or on the phone. I'm not technical at all.

I saw Beth Moore in OKC 2 years ago and absolutely loved it. I hated it when it ended. Our seating was first come first serve and I always get nervous with that. The doors were set to open at 6 I think and I got there at 3:30. I was about the 5th person in line but I took my journal and a book to read and I loved it. I got things done while in line!!!
Have fun! Please please please try to take some pictures!!!!