Thursday, July 17, 2008

Murphy's Law

Oh, girls...I'm back from my whirlwind trip to the big cities of Council Bluffs and Omaha for work. I got home earlier than I had expected yesterday afternoon. I was happy to be home, but I was exhausted and wanted to go to 4:00 in the afternoon!! Don't laugh. You'd have been tired too if your trip had been a life lesson in Murphy's law. You know, the little adage that "everything that can go wrong will go wrong." I have to tell you. I do not know Murphy, but I can tell you this. I don't like him. Or, his law. So, neener-neener-boo-boo Murphy! (Yes, I'm sure he is very upset at that.) I made it through my trip anyway. Just so you can feel my pain, here's how it all went down.
1. I left my office several hours later than I was supposed to because my client missed his flight. It ended up being OK because the airline, are you ready for this, took responsibility for the problem. They changed the gate but didn't tell my poor client. Even though he had been sitting there for two hours. I couldn't believe the airline took responsibility for the problem. I have NEVER had that happen before. Ever. I know it was nothing short of a miracle.
2. When I finally arrived at my hotel, I was completely dismayed to find several minivans in the parking lot. Minivans bearing colorful writing on all of the windows. Writing that said things like "Go team," "Win state," and "#1." Because, clearly, there is nothing more relaxing than 30 high school kids stampeding up and down the hallway at all hours of the night, banging into your door. Oh, well, except their slightly drunk parents who were doing the same. Fun times, friends. Fun times.
3. I was all by myself which meant that I had to eat by myself. Can I just say, I hate eating by myself? I've done it many times, so you think I would have gotten over it by now, but, no. I haven't. After receiving faulty directions from the lady at the front desk and getting lost, I ended up at Cracker Barrel. So, at least I got to have some good food!!
4. Tuesday night there were terrible thunderstorms that knocked the power (and, therefore, alarm clocks and air conditioner) out. I don't sleep well the first night I'm in a hotel usually, but I really didn't sleep well Tuesday night!!
5. I got ready early so I could have breakfast with my client before the depositions started. And, why is it that no matter how many times I tell my clients, "Whatever you do, don't do______ (fill in the blank)", it is always the first thing they do??? I mean, seriously, I've tried everything but standing on my head, and I guess I'll have to try that next time.../
6. I got a parking ticket during the deposition thanks to some parking meter Nazi. I mean seriously, I was three minutes over my time when I went to plug the meter, and I ALREADY had a ticket.
7. Then I got us lost on the way back to the hotel. One way streets are now the bane of my existence.
8. My drive home was uneventful, PTL. I got home, parked my car and went into the house. When I went to pick up W. an hour later, however, my car wouldn't start. It wouldn't turn over, it wouldn't make any noises. Nothing. So, now I'm without a car. Well, at least temporarily.
So, can I just say I'm happy to be home??? Not that the entire trip was a loss. I got to talk to two of my favorite people on the phone while I was gone!!! I love to talk on the phone, and it was so great to be able to chat with them.
I better get back to work because I'm leaving again tomorrow. Hopefully, this trip will go by much more smoothly!!!!


Megan L Hutchings said...

Bless your heart! I completely understand why you were so happy to be home =)! There are days that I just feel like God is saying DO NOT GET OUT OF BED...LOL!

Megan said...

You are one busy girl!!! I also hope your next trip goes more smoothly. I will be praying for you!
P.S. I also hate eating alone.

Brooklyn said...

sounds like a rough trip! i know what you mean about all the kids at the hotel...when i was in HS i was one of them and we frequently got complaints. lol. better luck next time!

Kristen said...

Good grief sister! I HATE getting lost and eating alone...sorry you had to encounter both :( Have fun seeing Beth and spending time with your friends this weekend!

Heather said...

At least you have an awesome weekend to look forward to!
I hate Murphy and his law, too!

Leigh Ann said...

Oh my word! What an experience. I have to admit though, the way you presented it made me laugh. I especially got tickled at #2 because we have so been there before. Oh, and I'm with you, I can't stand to eat alone either. Yeah, I don't really want to ever be friends with Murphy.

Julie said...

You have had one crazy times! I get very nervous with parking meters. I'm always afraid I will get a ticket. Bryan almost got one when we were in Annapolis a few weeks back!!!

Be safe in your travels!!!

Like Brooklyn I was once one of those HS students and now they drive me bonkers. But Bryan and I always get a kick out of them.

Heidi Zawisza said...

Heather, I know your weekend must have been stressful, but somehow you have managed to make it sound funny, and I am sitting here laughing!! I hope that was the intent!! ha!ha!hee!hee!
Oh, and ps...can you send me another "invite" to the prayer chain? For some reason it wouldn't let me log in.....

Lauren said...

You are HILARIOUS!!!! I'm sorry you had to deal with all of that. What did you tell your client not to do that he/she did anyway?

Julia said...

Wow, that really sucks. Although I'll have you know that my maiden is Murphy...and it's not always that bad ;)