Friday, June 20, 2008

That's Inspectress Gadget to You!

True confession time. I'm a gadget geek. Oh, yes I am, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I love, love, love to get new gadgets. And, I'm not horribly particular about the type of gadget. I love music gadgets, computer gadgets, really any type of gadget. So, I guess you could say that I am an equal opportunity gadget lover.

With that said, however, I LOVE skin care products. George would probably tell you that I am obsessed. Well, on second thought he probably wouldn't tell you that because then I might tell you that he secretly uses my anti-aging lotions when he thinks I'm not looking. Really, I have tried, and will try, just about every type of skincare product out there. So, imagine my delight when there is a skincare product that is also a gadget. Oh, it's so exciting, I can barely stand it.

You see my mom got me this little toy for Christmas last year.

It's a Clarisonic skincare system. Or, as is sometimes lovingly referred to at our house, the electric toothbrush for your face. Classy. I know. What can I say, we try. Let me tell you girls, this thing is a-ma-zing. I mean, seriously, if I knew who invented this thing, I would find him/her and give him/her a hug. And, I'm not generally a hugger. Well, unless I'm nervous or giddy, or, well, it doesn't matter. I'm digressing again. Back to the Clarisonic. This thing is a deep cleanin', skin softenin' machine. I love, love, love it! I do, I do.

What about you? What's your favorite skincare product? And, if you don't have one, that's cool. Just tell me your favorite gadget or something you use all the time. I'm always looking for new ideas!

Happy Friday girls. Have a great weekend!!


Kristen said...

I'm with you on the gadgets. I often get mesmerized by them!! I change up my face wash all the time, but right now it's Olay (I also love Proactive :) )
Also, to remark on your shoe comment, I got Zack's shoes at Journey's. I found some pretty durable ones there during Christmas time and decided to go back for more. You are sweet for asking!

Julie said...

Hey, so I haven't had time to read blogs here lately, so sorry I didn't chime in about the KC vacation. Funny thing is that when you're from a place, you never get to really "vacation " there, but I'd suggest the Raphael Hotel, fun little hotel on the plaza with LOTS of character, and then dinner at Fiorella's Jack Stack on the plaza...INCREDIBLE BBQ! Plus lots of shopping available! Let me know what you decide! LOVE YOU - MISS YOU!

Julie said...

Ok, I just realized you had a PICTURE of the Raphael right there at the end of your blog entry - duh! We stayed at the Raphael for a night after we got married and it was FANTASTIC! Four stars from the David house, but we're also not hard to please!

Josh & Sarah said...

Fun to chat with you for a couple quick minutes before church started this, did you decide where you're going to go this coming weekend?

Anonymous said...

I love that you love gadgets! Probably more than me. I love gadgets. What's wrong with a guy wanting to take care of his skin?

Meredith said...

I have heard of that! Well...I am partial to MARY KAY! HA! I will say that since I have used Mary Kay TimeWise skincare, my face has looked better and felt better. Also has improved tremendously!