Monday, June 9, 2008

I Can Tell You One Thing...

Noah did not build our house.

I came home from church yesterday morning to find standing water in our basement. We have been getting so much rain lately, like 3" in an hour and a half yesterday morning, and most of it came right on into our basement. I guess our sump pump failed, and that caused our problem. At first I thought the water was contained to one room, but it wasn't. Our basement is fully finished, and the water was in three of the four rooms. So we spent ten hours yesterday, ripping up carpet and moving furniture and other things off of the floor.

I don't know if you have every tried cutting wet carpet with a box cutter and then trying to rip it up off the floor. If you have, God bless you. I feel your pain. If you haven't, and the need ever arises, I think you can hire people to do that. FIND THEM!! When we weren't cutting carpet and moving furniture, we were sucking a gabillion gallons of water off the floor with our shopvacs. Needless to say, it was a LONG, hard day.

Since I am ever the optimist (well, except for yesterday. Not so much then. But I have more perpective now...), here are a few positive things and/or things you can learn when having a flood in your basement.

1. Count your blessings for every item that was not destroyed by the flood waters. It will really take your mind off of the things that are ruined.

2. When you buy brand new book cases, don't put them in your basement...EVER. But, be thankful that even though the book cases don't look so good now, the flood waters didn't get high enough to get to your books.

3. Take time to realize just how (physically) strong you really are. After many hours of demonstrating your amazing strength, it may be appropriate to do the happy dance. I would suggest, however, that you don't wait to do the happy dance until the next morning...because you might be too sore to get out of bed and dance.

4. Be thankful that you actually went to the grocery store the day before, and that you were already cooking enough food to feed an army. That way you were prepared to feed your family members who came to help you.

5. There's nothing like kicking the deep cleaning into overdrive. It may be forced, but at least this way, the cleaning will be done before 2025.

6. Now you have a legitimate excuse not to use the treadmill.

7. When in a moment of weakness, you have substantially overpaid for a pair of shoes, always remember to put them back in their proper place. Do not take them off and leave them on the floor, thinking you'll put them away tomorrow.

8. And, last, but not certainly not least, now you can do what every woman was born to do. Go SHOPPING!!

So, ladies, that's what I did this weekend. How about you? How was your weekend?


hayden said...

That is so sad!!! I'm sorry your bookcases got wet, were they ruined? Were there any books on them???? I'm so worried about your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hate it that you're getting so much rain, at the same time I've been praying for rain because we have had NONE and our state is officially in a drought and Lake Lanier is down so far that the boats once in water at the marina are sitting on dry land...snakes everywhere, can't go out jet-skiing...

It's either one extreme or the other.

Praying for you!!!

P.S. How'd the first day of VN go?

Kristen said...

Heather! Bless your poor, wet heart! We've been getting that same rain here and I feel your pain!
I can't imagine all it took to clean the basement mess. I hope you were able to salvage most of your things! :(

Kelly said...

OH Heather...............I'm so very sorry. I was reading Julia's comment and thinking how some states have no rain and you and I have had more than our share of rain. We have this window that sometimes leaks when it rains and it causes me to not sleep when it rains and worry myself to death because I'm so scared of flooding or worse.
I can only imagine how hard this past weekend was for you. I hope your things didn't get ruined too bad. I'm thinking of you. You are always such an encourager - I hate for you to experience anything bad.
I'll be lifting you up in prayer tonight.

Meredith said...

Oh Heather! I hate that happened! I know you worked so hard to clean all that up! Thats good that you can think positive!