Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Starting to Feel A Lot Like Summer

As we were getting ready this morning, W. informed me that he only has nine days of school left after today. Nine!?! On one hand that seems impossible because I know that it was just yesterday I helped him unpack all of his school supplies. But, on the other hand, it seems like it's taken five years to get to the end of fifth grade. We have spent countless hours doing math and geography homework, and let's not forget about all the special projects we've had to complete at the last minute. I guess there is nothing like a deadline to get you motivated, even when you're ten. In any event, it was clear that he is exciting about the school year ending and summer beginning. He wants to hang out with his friends, go to the amusement park and the swimming pool, and plan his big birthday bash. And, that's exactly what he'll get to do. Because that should be what you do when you're almost eleven (or when you are celebrating your _ anniversary of your 29th birthday).
As I started thinking about W.'s summer wish list, I was reminded how much he really is a small, male version of his mother. At my core, I am completely social. Now, don't get me wrong, I like my alone time like any other over committed person, but I LOVE spending time with the people I care about. And, let's face it. I love a good party. In fact, looking back on my life, I used to always find an excuse to have a party. Birthday parties, sleepovers, holiday parties, and just because parties. Any reason to be surrounded by my friends.
Especially my girlfriends. In fact, if I had to pick one favorite summer out of all of them, I think I would pick the summer my best friends and I got memberships to one of our local gyms. No, we didn't get the memberships so we could exercise, although we did attend a senior citizen aerobics class once (What? We could keep up in that one.) We did get really tan, however. And, since we couldn't be outside all the time, we also ate a lot of frozen yogurt in the club house while we watched MTV (when it still had music videos). Ah, memories.
Now, of course, most of us don't get the luxury of lounging by the pool all summer long. But, I will tell you this. If I could do anything I wanted to do this summer, I would want to lay by the pool and eat frozen yogurt with all of you. We could even take a few aerobics classes together. You know, to compensate for all the yummy frozen yogurt we would eat. And, instead of watching MTV, we could have some really great conversations!
What about you? What are your favorite summer memories, and what would you do if you could do anything this summer?


Shana said...

I would either take my whole family on a mission trip (kind of like a scared straight program for complainers combined with a give back to the needy program) OR I would really like to travel to all the major parks/landmarks across the U.S. camping all the way. But I think with gas prices and the few number of vacation days available we will not be doing that either.

How bout some great girl nights, that sounds good.

Julia said...

Oh girl I would sooooo lay out at the pool and eat frozen yogurt with you, but alas, I must work alllllll summer.

Kristen said...

I too would lay out by the pool, but instead of frozen yogurt, I'd have a snowcone!
When I was younger I loved playing with my neighborhood friends, riding bikes, swimming, and playing anything outside!
What a fun post!

m said...

I'd love to move to a commune with all my friends. We could raise our kids in our own little utopia complete with swimming pool, snow cones!, frozen yogurt, anything we could desire. The boy commune could be across the road (kinda like summer camps) in case we wanted some male company or needed them to fix something.

Caroline said...

oooooooooooohhhhhhh my dear Heather you know i am there with you. we could jazz it up, swim and tan, and then pig out on junk food. that sounds sooooooo good to me!!!!!!!! how are you doing today??????

Anonymous said...

Aahrrg! The sun! It burns us! So bright! I'm melting!